Vision, Execution and Innovation.

30 years experience in leading Technology driven businesses. With two business startups and successful outcomes (including an IPO - GXDX), I bring seasoned leadership and understanding of how to develop technologies, teams, and the business to achieve successful outcomes. Having led the technology and business systems for successful companies (as CIO at Genoptix, COO/CTO of CMX, and CEO at TMG), I bring a unique set of leadership capabilities needed in todays technology driven businesses.

At CMX I have been able to play an active role in the business at all levels. We have been able to meet and exceed the needs of our market and customers, and that is paying off with increasing sales momentum. We embraced AWS in the early days and have continued to build on the Cloud services to deliver our Software as A Service platform - - for Quality Risk and Compliance. We are serving the needs of our customers by automating and scaling the processes which mitigate and manage their Risk, drive Quality in the Products and Delivery, and insure Compliance with regulatory and Governance mandates. We continue to listen to the needs of our customers and insure we have technology which scales and evolves with the speed of their business at a price which remains compelling in the market.

I am always looking for great people and partners to win with. I believe that a good deal, partnership, or sale is where we can achieve a win-win. If you don't grow the pie and share it, you will not succeed in business nor personally. It takes integrity, teamwork, ethics, and innovation to make your customers, partners, and employees believe in the company and its goals.